Honeyland is coming in Italy

Stefilm will handle the distribution of Honeyland, the documentary directed by Ljubomir Stefanov and Tamara Kotevska. Honeyland is nominated for Best International Feature and Best Documentary al 92th Oscar. The story of Hatidze, a Macedonian wild beekeeper, and his bees will arrive in Italian cinemas in March 2020 and will tell us about the relationship between man and nature, climate change and the exploitation of natural resources.

Special Mention for Wonderful Losers

Wonderful Losers obtain the Honorable Mention at the Sports Movies & amp; TV 2019 – 37 Milan International Ficts Fest, the world final of the Film, Television, Culture and Sports Communication Championship


Food artisans from East and West meet to work together and create new delicacies.

Two food artisans producing the same kind of food – one from Europe and another from Asia – meet up, spend time together and swap knowledge and know-how. The series delves into their different worlds: their work, their businesses, their lives, their production procedures and the different market conditions they have to address. Age-old skills thus join forces with new food-making techniques in a common fight against standardization.

Our heroes are food and the people who produce it. Each episode is dedicated to a single organic product – from cheese, fermented cabbage and flatbread to salted fish roe and pasta – and to the stories behind it. Stories of real people who work to produce outstanding foodstuffs, rooted in their local environment and culture. What will they learn from each other?
What happens when a Sami woman making exceptional flatbread travels from her native Lapland to India to see how they make chapattis there? Does a goat cheese producer from Nepal make his cheese in a totally different way from his renowned counterparts in France? Petros from Greece meets Takano in Japan and they discover that each has his own personal way of making botargo, salted mullet roe. Ms. Yao from Jiangmen in China visits a pasta maker in Italy and a German sauerkraut maker goes to Korea to see how they make kimchi. All these food artisans are keen to develop their knowledge and the series connects them, allowing them to compare the ways they do their work through every stage in the production and supply chains.

The series reveals the essence of the same specialities produced in different countries with different social and economic conditions, taking us on a backstage tour of quality food and introducing us to flavours and places and the special people whose stories are never told: people intent on developing their craft and fighting the big corporations that are suffocating them. Their unique products and experience raise our awareness of how the food we love is made and show us how important it is to preserve the world heritage of food-making techniques.
The series not only gives us a better understanding of the food we eat and how it can be produced sustainably on a global scale, but also takes us on a unique and original voyage of discovery through the eyes of people who are maintaining the culinary traditions of their different countries against the beautiful diverse landscapes they live in.

My Home, in Libya wins 18° gLocal Film Festival

The film by the director Martina Melilli wins the Torèt Award – Alberto Signetto for the Best Documentary at the 18th gLocal Film Festival in Turin. The jury composed by Eugenio Allegri, Daniela Persico and Daniele Segre assigns the prize with the following motivation: “Thanks to a delicate and intuitive look through which the present recalls the History of our Country, the film deals with a repressed historical using an innovative cinematic language , which combines new media, contemporary art and aesthetic mastery, a growing emotional density that produces an awareness and allows the thread of memory to be resumed, from the domestic to the Mediterranean geopolitical dimension, emblem of the instability of our contemporary. ”

In the photo, the producer Edoardo Fracchia withdraws the prize.


This series tells the epic story of five European railway stations: St Pancras in London, Gare de Lyon in Paris, Antwerpen Centraal, Budapest’s West Station and the Stazione Centrale in Milano are the main protagonists of each of the episodes. We discover these Cathedrals of the Industrial Age in their present and history combining human stories with architecture, past and contemporary stories. Blending the own dynamics of the place and a “fin de siècle” steam punk look, the series looks behind the facade and is an invitation to discover places, which are usually overlooked by busy travellers.

The Salani Award goes to My Home, in Libya

The SALANI AWARD supported by Parovel 2019, assigned by a Jury composed of Caterina Mazzucato, Judit Pintér and Rino Sciarretta 
for the following reason: “
With originality, the work tackles a story that existed both in reality and in the memory of somebody who has been deprived of his liberty. With regards to formal aspects, the various levels of language are very interesting.”