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My Home, in Libya wins 18° gLocal Film Festival

The film by the director Martina Melilli wins the Torèt Award – Alberto Signetto for the Best Documentary at the 18th gLocal Film Festival in Turin. The jury composed by Eugenio Allegri, Daniela Persico and Daniele Segre assigns the prize with the following motivation: “Thanks to a delicate and intuitive look through which the present recalls the History of our Country, the film deals with a repressed historical using an innovative cinematic language , which combines new media, contemporary art and aesthetic mastery, a growing emotional density that produces an awareness and allows the thread of memory to be resumed, from the domestic to the Mediterranean geopolitical dimension, emblem of the instability of our contemporary. ”

In the photo, the producer Edoardo Fracchia withdraws the prize.

The Salani Award goes to My Home, in Libya

The SALANI AWARD supported by Parovel 2019, assigned by a Jury composed of Caterina Mazzucato, Judit Pintér and Rino Sciarretta 
for the following reason: “
With originality, the work tackles a story that existed both in reality and in the memory of somebody who has been deprived of his liberty. With regards to formal aspects, the various levels of language are very interesting.”

Mercoledì 8 ottobre, ore 18.00 su RAI STORIA

E L’ITALIA VOLO’: La storia della costruzione – e ricostruzione – del primo aereo che diede l’avvio alla grande industria aeronautica italiana. In onda su RAI STORIA mercoledì 8 ottobre alle ore 18, il film racconta il primo tentativo di volo di Gianni Caproni, mentre Mario Marangoni e Giancarlo Zanardo raccolgono la stessa sfida. I due uomini ci permettono di rivivere i momenti più eccitanti di una delle più grandi sfide dell’ultimo secolo: volare!

Vinylmania goes streaming!

Some great news for Vinylmaniacs in the USA and Japan! VINYLMANIA IS NOW AVAILABLE ON HULU! And you don’t have to have a subscription for Hulu Plus (their premium service) to watch it. It’s available with advertising for free. But if you do have a subscription to Hulu Plus, you can watch it without advertising. You can watch it on your smart TV, computer and even your smart phone or tablet if you are on the go. Hope you will check it out and support Vinylmania on Hulu. Here’s the link!