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Stefilm is one of the most prominent documentary film producers in Italy. Founded by Stefano Tealdi, Elena Filippini and Edoardo Fracchia its goal is to develop production in order to highlight Italian talent and themes, and to establish a solid documentary culture in Italy.

Stefilm is a member of the Steering Committee of Discovery Campus. Stefano was chairman of the European Documentary Network (EDN); he is currently the national coordinator of INPUT – Television in the PUblic INterest and director of Documentary in Europe.

Stefilm’s productions, mostly developed with support from the European Union’s MEDIA Programme, are largely international coproductions. To date Stefilm has worked with more than 40 television networks across the globe, and with more than 50 partners, which include distributors, independent production companies and institutions.

Stefilm has recently expanded into the fields of training and distribution. Its three partners now share their professional know-how in close conjunction with several different training institutions in Italy and abroad.

In 2005 the company set up Stefilm Development Campus, a programme aimed at developing writing skills and documentary film development methods. Edoardo Fracchia is director of the Campus.

Elena Filippini is in charge of distribution. The company has a vast catalogue of work distributed by international companies and can provide more than 200 hours of documentary programmes. At the same time, Stefilm is constantly looking out for new Italian work to promote at an international level.

Collaboration with television channels:
SBS (Australia); ORF (Austria); RTBF and VRT (Belgium); TV Ontario (Canada); CT (Czech republic); A9 MEDIA INC. (Korea); DR (Denmark); YLE TV1, FST, Teema (Finland); Arte G.E.I.E. (France/Germany); Arte France, France 5, LCP, Plànete (France); ARD/BR, NDR, ZDF/Arte (Germany); Fox, La7, Planet,  RAI Tre, RaiBolzano, RaiSat, Rai International, RTI, Tele +  (Italy); NOGA (Israel); NRK (Norway); Canal+ (Poland); TV Slovenjia (Slovenia); Canal + Espana, TVC Catalunia (Spain); SVT (Sweden); SSR idee suisee, TSR, TSI (Switzerland); AVRO and VPRO (The Netherlands); SABC (South Africa); Discovery Channel Europe (United Kingdom); National Geographic Channels International, Sundance Channel, Thirteen/W.NET PBS (United States);

Collaboration with independent producers:
Pale Blue (Austria); Latitudes, Periscope Production, Versus Production (Belgium); Alliance Atlantis (Canada); Bastard Film, Nordfilm (Denmark); Artline Films, Dora Productions, Pois Chice (France); Eikon, Euroarts, Filmtank, Ma.Ja.De Films, Mediopolis, T&G Films, Vidicom (Germany); Legovideo, Miramonte Film, Pierrot e la Rosa, Videoastolfosullaluna, Zenit Arti Audiovisive (Italy); MM Productions (The Netherlands); Mosaic Films, West Park Productions (United Kingdom); Idem, Media 3.14 (Spain).

Collaboration with distributors:
Ellu Multimedia, Internazionale, La Stampa (Italy): Deckert Distribution (Germany); Hit Entertainment, Parthenon (United Kingdom); Accent Films (Switzerland).

Collaboration with institutes:
Danish Film Institute (Denmark); Film Commissions Emilia Romagna, Provincia di Siracusa, Regione Campania, Torino Piemonte; Regione Piemonte. Regione Sardegna (Italy); Cobo Fund (The Netherlands); Soros Documentary Fund (United States); SDC (Switzerland); Media, DG VIII (European Union), ITVS (United States).

Collaboration with training organizations and associations:
European Documentary Network (Denmark); Discovery Campus (Germany); Documentary in Europe (Torino), ESODOC (Bolzano).
ENAIP PIEMONTE, IAL PIEMONTE, Festival dei Popoli, Multimediamente, Politecnico di Torino, Università di Torino, VR&MMP di Torino, Zelig School of Documentaries, Television and New Media, Bolzano (Italy).
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