Two food makers, one from Europe and one producing the same food in Asia, live together and exchange their knowledge and know-how. Each episode will be dedicated to a single food and to the stories behind it: real, simple people, who work to produce foodstuffs “of excellence”, rooted in their environment and culture. The series dives into the world of foodmakers: their work, their daily life, the production background and different market conditions. New food making techniques and ancient abilities fight together against the standardization of food production.

German Sauerkraut meet Korean Kimchi

Nepali Goat Cheese meets French Goat Cheese

Swedish Gàhkku meets Indian Chapati

Chinese Noodles meets Italian Pasta

Greek Botargo meets Japanese Karasumi

Italia / Germania / 2018 / 5 x 25 min.

Director: Clio Sozzani & Claudia Palazzi
Production: Stefilm, Majade
In collaboration with: Arte, RSI, MDR